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I have always had an interest in natural ways of caring about wellbeing and beauty. Using herbal face masks and hair rinses from teenage years, enjoying countryside and forest bathing abundant with negative ions. Instinctively feeling closeness with nature and gaining calmness from it. Keen interest in herbalism. Yoga enthusiast. These passions organically lead me to retrain as a holistic massage therapist specialising in aromatherapy and natural facials.  


The aim of my treatments is to let you experience the therapeutic benefits of touch, especially effective when accompanied by powerful essential oils in my massages, and mood-boosting supercharged products I use in facials. Working with touch offers nurture, release and connection. I practise aromatherapy because it offers multi-dimensional approach to restoring integrity and inner balance.  The aroma is inhaled through the thousands smell receptors situated in the nose, that are connected to the olfactory organ, that is connected to the limbic system in the brain, where both pleasure and trauma are stored. The aromas inhaled will have a very immediate impact whereas those applied to the body need to be absorbed and do the work internally for many hours. 

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I believe that beauty is something that develops from the inside out, that a balanced body and mind simply radiates with beauty. Nature is the one who undeniably provides us with such a state of harmony. The word 'holistic' embodies this connection and is reflected in my work by adjusting treatments accordingly to your needs, and addressing both physical and emotional levels. By creating the precious space to switch off and reconnect with yourself, the breath work and soothing nervous system, you will sink into a receptive calm. 


I am devoted to using exclusively pure non-toxic botanical skincare with highly concentrated plant-based bio-actives, which by nature contain beautiful qualities of natural aromas and effective ingredients to replenish skin. This decision comes from my own long-term relationship with natural skin and body care, studies on ingredient's properties, and the conclusion that pure ingredients are incredibly effective.  

Skincare products in my repertoire possess aromatherapeutic properties, providing soothing, balancing, invigorating or calming effect on the mind, as well as a hydrating, nourishing or age-defying effect, depending on the skin's concern.  

By sharing my passion, I want to help you gain confidence in using natural skincare and achieve the rejuvenation and glow.  


I am a fully insured and qualified massage therapist with a Diploma in Aromatherapy and a member of the Complementary Therapist Association.

- Anya Pilat