Aromatherapy and facial rejuvenation

There is no therapy like Aromatherapy. This fascinating therapy uses essential oils to help support the mind and body.  An aroma-massage follows lymph paths thus helping to detoxify the body and improve circulation; the strokes help to break down stored up tension in the muscles. Resulting in feeling uplifted, calm and nourished, stresses and strains are simply stroked away.  

A holistic facial is so much more than just a beauty facial. Combining advanced massage techniques, botanical skin care, essential oils, with specially commissioned tools and music, this exclusive treatment embodies a holistic approach to slow beauty and skincare. Face massage is the best anti-aging solution as it helps boost circulation, aids lymphatic drainage and supports toxins removal from the face leaving you looking glowing. Having regular facials is like having a face workout.  The powerful benefits stretch far beyond maintaining a healthy complexion and smoothing fine lines, they provide very precious moments of deep relaxation allowing the mind and body to completely switch off and recharge.  The result is a healthy skin, and a radiance that comes from within. 

'Improve Emotional Balance'

1 hour

A full body, deeply relaxing and detoxifying massage, using a blend of organic essential oils, with an aim to balance the emotions and improve health and well-being. An appropriate blend of oils is applied to the skin and absorbed through a gentle, flowing massage. The effects of aromatherapy are cumulative therefore weekly sessions are recommended for help with specific problems.  It benefits most of common ailments by calming the nervous system; especially helpful for anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, exhaustion, menopause.


1 hour

Enjoy a fabulous combination which releases tense muscles and induces deep relaxation during back, shoulder, neck, scalp and face massage. Beautifully fragranced natural skincare is applied during facial part of the treatment to enrich this sensory experience. 


1 hour

Facials are great for improving the skins elasticity, cell renewal, boosting lymphatic drainage, stress relief & can help reduce tension headaches. 

Powerful yet gentle, this facial rejuvenation incorporates a blend of highly effective Eastern face massage techniques, acupressure and facial reflexology, while using Neal's Yard Remedies organic facial oil. A blissfully relaxing treatment to improve the complexion, strengthen and tone facial muscles, smoothe fine lines, remove toxins from the face and re-balance energetically. For long lasting results regular treatments are recommended. 


1 hour

A real treat for the face, this prescriptive facial leaves you and your skin feeling rejuvenated and radiant. Pamper your skin with a deep cleanse, exfoliation, deeply hydrating mask, moisturise and plenty of face, neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage. The exquisite skincare is used in this treatment for a luxury aroma-therapeutic benefit. You will be given the samples of products to extend the bliss at home. 


1 hour

It focuses on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face. This massage de-stresses the whole body. IHM helps to un-knot blockages and remove tension, it even helps to oxygenate the brain improving concentration. It is done seated and can be done with the use of hair oil. It can be combined with body or face massage to 1hour treatment. 


1 hour 30 minutes 

'Combine any of the above treatments'